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Who are behind Coaching Go Where?

3 passionate, dynamic and fun individuals who decided to start a spark – we are:

Anna – an Expert in Business Transformation and NLP Master who has many businesses under her belt
Lin –  a Certified Master Coach who is wise beyond her years
Coachinggowhere team


Anna Tan - low res
Anna Tan – CEO

Anna’s story

I started CoachingGoWhere on the belief that everyone can benefit from coaching- we live in turbulent times and many people are struggling to make sense of the world and their place in it. I wanted to make coaching accessible and available to everyone, from all walks of life, irrelevant of your income stream. I wanted people to have a wider understanding that coaching has many forms and different schools of thought, that is more than one way to deal with issues we may have – and thus Ask The Expert was born.

I also know that many coaches find it difficult to ‘market’ themselves and make a living from coaching. So I wanted to create a platform to link coaches to people looking for coaches – a platform that is neutral and impartial – where reviews speak for themselves – a TripAdvisor for coaches!


Lin Tan - Chief Content Curator
Lin Tan – Chief Content Curator

Lin’s story

Much of Coaching to me, since I first got picked up and dusted off by my coach back in 2003, has been about paying it forward. Coaching changed my life in such a big way. While it’s no hocus pocus in its technique, the magic in a powerful coach-client relationship can create fast, significant differences and much welcomed changes. On top of getting coached, I trained diligently as one because I was blown away at the effectiveness of coaching. Since then, it has been my pleasure working with clients and coaches – it allows me to live an inspired life!

CoachingGoWhere for me is about opening an opportunity for that magical connection between a coach and someone looking for more fulfillment. When that happens, the impact goes beyond the coach and the client and spills over into happier relationships, families, workplaces and society!

Our dream and ambition

Asia’s (1st) leading online platform to bring together coaches and people looking for coaching in 7 coaching areas: Executive, Life, Business, Career, Health & Fitness, Personal Branding/Lifestyle and Soft skills.

We are The Spark, providing original value-added content and a source of wisdom where coaches show-case their knowledge and expertise.

We are The Bridge, through our comprehensive coach and training companies listing reviewed by real clients, to help people find the Right Coach

We are The Community, providing a personal touch through customised events, membership privileges and forum/panel discussions.

How did we get here?

Being coaches ourselves, we discover a need among peers, to allow coaches to do what they do best, Coaching! Instead of being engaged in marketing activities, maintaining website or the effort to create one. And being passionate about people, we want to create a community to bring all components of an equation together.

What do we believe in?

“Together We Can” mindset is our motto and our value. No one stands alone if they don’t want to be, and a ready hand is there if there is a Need to be. We believe and aim to be the bridge that bring people together, to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

What are we selling?

A passion for life and one well-lived, as defined by each individual, either through our inspirational and informative newsletters, or through help of our community of coaches.

Why us?

We aim to be easily accessible, credible through our reviews system, offer both tangible and intangible benefits to our coaches and members and to foster a community spirit.


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