Meet Our CGW Expert Coaches In Singapore

Meet our wonderful CoachingGoWhere Expert Contributors. All practicing, expert coaches in Singapore, they have all been specially selected to write on our site and offer their expert views and advice on the ‘Ask the Experts forum.

Executive Coaches (Singapore)

Anna Tan CGW expert coaches in Singapore


Anna Tan, NLP Master and Hypnotherapist

Anna is a qualified NLP Master and Hypnotherapist, she specializes in cognitive behavior coaching. She works with clients to understand and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs so they can realize their ambitions.


EmmaN CGW expert coaches in Singapore


Emma Noguchi, Associate Certified Coach

Emma provides human capital consulting, assessments and coaching services to various multinational companies. She helps organizations to harness human potential and get the best possible result and the highest employees’ satisfaction.


Lin Tan CGW expert coaches in Singapore


Lin Tan, Master Certified Coach

Lin is 1 of 4 Master Certified Coaches (ICF, USA) in Singapore. She specializes in coaching communication and leadership excellence. She is an active Mentor for coaches looking to develop and get certified professionally.


Greg Spiro CGW expert coaches in Singapore


Greg Spiro, Accredited Mediator

Greg is an accredited mediator with intercultural competency, offering conflict resolution to and between team members, businesses and partnerships. He coaches C-suite leaders, senior management & professionals.


Don Rapley CGW expert coaches in Singapore

Don Rapley, Executive Coach

Don is a leadership development facilitator and coach with a wide ranging experience in multicultural and international environments. He is also a a certified MBTI, DiSC & 360° assessment practitioner.


Health & Fitness Coaches (Singapore)


Elika CGW expert coaches in Singapore


Elika, Health Coach

As a private health coach, Elika works with clients to achieve their health goals through fitness and nutrition. She supports companies with their health & wellness schemes for their employees.


KarenLee CGW expert coaches in Singapore

Karen Lee Weiss, Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

Karen is a certified Health Coach and a qualified yoga instructor including pre and post natal yoga. She works with clients to achieve their health goals through nutrition and incorporates the physical and mental benefits of yoga. She is also a doula-in-training and is working towards her Diploma in Childbirth Education.


Business Coaches (Singapore)


Jackie Lim CGW expert coaches in Singapore


Jacky Lim, NLP trainer

An NLP trainer, sales coach and business coach, Jacky is also the co-author of bestselling book “Increase your Sales with NLP”. He has appeared in the media such as the Straits Times, Sunday Times, and 93.8FM.




James Stanbridge, Ontological Coach

James works with Start Ups, Entrepreneurs & senior business executives to ‘get out of their own way’ and achieve their potential. He does this by helping clients figure out their own purpose and uncover new outcomes that they could not see on their own.



Woon Peng Ziady, Multiple Business Owner
Executive coach, advocate for natural well-being and edutainment via innovative apps. Woon’s clients are encouraged to live authentically and discover new useful insights that not just improve their lives but also add value to workplace transformation towards the “good society”.

Life Coaches (Singapore)

Kayden SP CGW expert coaches in Singapore


Kayden S. Perera, Anxiety, Fear & Trauma Specialist

Kayden works with adults and LGBT on self-esteem,stress, depression, anger, anxiety, phobias, grief, relationship and family issues – helping them find their inner power, inner state of calmness and state of confidence


Are you an expert coach in Singapore, or a thought leader in your field?

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Regular contributors: If you have interesting things to say and can commit 1 article and participate in ‘Ask the Expert’ forum every 4-6 weeks, drop us a line. You will have to be already listed on CoachingGoWhere and have at least 3 positive reviews. All regular contributors will be listed on this page. For more information, read our Writer’s info pack

Guest Contributors: Criteria is the same as above but open to coaches who would like to contribute articles on a ad-hoc basis.  You will not be asked to participate in the ‘Ask the Expert’ forum, so this is ideal for those with limited time. Your articles will be linked to your profile but you will not be listed on this page.


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