Awaken The Coach Within [A CGW workshop]

Can strangers coach each other?

Rarely. But this Wednesday evening in a buzzy Shophouse boutique in Chinatown, sat 20+ strangers armed and equipped with curiosity and a new-found coaching technique, in pairs, coaching each other on their goals and dreams.

The ACW workshop turn out on 29 March 2017 was inspiring. Attendees from all walks of life, of different ages (from 20 – 60), from different countries (Singapore, India, France, Japan, UK) were brought together by an increasingly hot topic in Singapore: Coaching.

In the 2.5 hour session, we

  • Defined what a coach does
  • How a coach is different from counseling, mentoring and advising
  • Revealed the 7 domains of coaching available as a career
  • Spoke about the change process
  • Evaluated ourselves against 3 core competencies of a coach
  • COACHED EACH OTHER on a current goal/dream into action!

By the end of the night, the attendees shared about how much they enjoyed the workshop and coaching each other. We’re glad that we could help aspiring coaches move a step closer to their dream.

Thanks for hosting such an amazing workshop!” ~ Ricardo

I had to ‘sew up’ my mouth and surgically ‘open’ both my ears to improve my hearing so as to acquire as much as possible from the Coaches! Thank you for your border-less sharing on the coaching profession!” ~ Joseph

Join us for the upcoming ACW. Register fast because seats fill up in less than a week.

The 7 Coaching Questions taught in the workshop… revealed here >>

Event photos here >>

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