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Functional Training Institute (FTI) has pioneered the growth of functional fitness and rehabilitation since 2009 in Singapore. We apply an anatomical science-based approach to restore an injured body to its pain-free condition. In addition, by correcting biomechanical dysfunctions, we restore the body’s full mobility.

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FTI Services provide:

• 7 movement dysfunction screening and postural assessment;

• Address Muscular Dysfunction which could lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain and heel pain, etc;

• Pre and Post Surgery / Sport Injury Rehabilitation;

• Optimum Sports Performance for athletes e.g. Fencing, Golf, Bowling, etc;

• Solution for Senior Citizens with issues such as mobility; stability; balance, osteoarthritis;

• Pre and Post Natal Training;

• Fat Loss / Weight Management / Body Sculpting and Toning;

• Effective training for special need children/youth/young adult, Hypertension / Diabetes / Stroke / Scoliosis / Arthritis / Constipation.

One-to-One session includes:

1. Movement Dysfunction Screening
• Identify tight and inactive muscles that lead to poor movements and pain

2. Myofascial Trigger Point Release
• Release muscle tension/tightness that stresses a painful joint

3. Functional Corrective Exercise
• Re-activate an under-activated or weak muscle to achieve healthy pain-free movement patterns

30 mins session (one-to-one)
$45-$125 per session depending packages and seniority of trainers

55 mins session (one-to-one)
$90-$250 per session depending packages and seniority of trainers

Facilities fees of $60-$150 apply for all packages except single session. Facilities fees are for daily gym access, locker, towel and shower upon the expiry date of the training package. All prices quoted are subjected to 7% GST.

Dual Zone Myofascial Release (DZMR) 4 Hours Certification

$200 before GST inclusive of one complete set of FTI DZMR Balls.
DZMR is an ingenious methodology by Nelson Chong, CEO and Founder of Functional Training Institute. It teaches you how to get the best out of the FTI DZMR Balls. Supported by doctors, the DZMR methodology is known for its efficacy in restoring muscles function and joint mobility to achieve pain-free healthy movements. This workshop will impress fitness enthusiasts, professionals alike and for people looking for solutions to manage their aches and pains due to musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Swiss Ball Metabolic Training (SBMT) 4 Hours Certification

$200 before GST inclusive of one Swiss Ball
This workshop will open your eyes to the creative possibilities of Swiss Ball Metabolic Training. The highly intensive workout system every component of fitness in 10 minutes. Whether you are a physiotherapist, trainer or anyone looking for an effective way to lose weight, build a lean and healthy body, increase your metabolic rate, build a robust and efficient body for daily function and improve sports performance, this workshop is for you!

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Trainer Belinda

It was my first time at FTI and my friend and I were assigned to Trainer Belinda. She was friendly and really helpful. Listened to our “body issues” and asking detailed questions to diagnose the problem before offering us advice. She was really patient with us as we are both first timers. Guiding us every step of the way to ensure that our muscles were loosen. Every now and then, a gentle reminder text to remind us to do the exercises as it is as important as a workout. A trainer that I doubt existed actually do at FTI!! Cheers Belinda!

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