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Prepare your teen for success while studying abroad!

1 in 3 students are either sexually assaulted, suffer from severe depression or try illegal drugs at universities overseas.

Don’t let your teen be one of them, give them Soaring Overseas Success!

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The REAL FACTS of Studying Abroad!

Which of these are TRUE?
You want your teen to have the best education so they can get the career they want and excel in their lives. You hope this will give them an advantage to get the best jobs with the best pay.
You have saved for their university education and may have taken on loans to pay $300-500k for the university degree tuition fees and living cost abroad.

You have already invested $100,000’s in their education, private tuition and summer camps.

Remember that leaving home and going to a new country can be frightening or exciting – it can become a life changing experience for the better or for the worse.

Your child has a 1 in 3 chance of either suffering from high stress which can lead to depression, loneliness which can lead to suicidal thoughts/actions, be sexually assaulted or experiment with illegal drugs or unhealthy levels of alcohol.

Don’t Leave Success to Chance!

Our 5 step programme will equip your teen with the tools and strategies to succeed and enjoy the full experience of studying abroad.

You already know the benefits of extra tuition and summer camps, boost their success rate and confidence with our tools and techniques so they can have a healthy life-style while they study hard.
We will use NLP to help teens shift their mind-set and relationship to food, money and relationships so they can have the best foundation when they leave home.

They will benefit from positive mind-set training techniques which have previously only been open to senior leadership team in multinational companies.

They will be given access to our exclusive online forums and resources to keep them refreshed on the topics and lessons they learn from us.

Change is all around us, the world is changing and we must evolve to successfully thrive in the new world-order.
Students are commonly finding it hard to juggle the competing priorities and expectations of academic achievement with increasing parental and social pressures of them as young adults. Many suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety as they do not have the experience nor role-models to adjust and thrive.

We will prepare your teen for the next phase of their life journey, with robust resilience coupled with a growth mind-set to embrace change and define who they wish to ‘be’ beyond their academic aspirations.

Our EQ approach is based on neuroscience and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Our classes are fully experiential and hands-on interactive, coupled with life coaching techniques to embed their new learning. With a low student trainer ratio of 1-20 per class, this will ensure they all have the focused attention from our world-class team.

(A Coaching Go Where training programme)

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