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You have the power in you to create anything you want.

The key to manifesting this power is to know how to use your thoughts, manage your emotions and balance your energy.

Once you have mastered yourself, you find your life purpose and live with passion.

I teach positive thinking techniques while helping to release negative emotions and energies safely.

With this inner work, you move from mundane to meaningful careers, from toxic to nurturing relationships, from aimlessness to clarity in direction, and from emptiness to feeling fulfilled.

I empower you to know clearly what you are meant to do in life and to have full confidence that you have the ability to accomplish it.

During our journey together, I will help you to overcome all your blocks – from fears, traumas, hate, anger, grief, abuse, betrayals and pain, and guide you on a path to joy, peace and fulfillment.

I am Abelene and I am here to help you reclaim your life.

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I integrate practical techniques with energy balancing methods to facilitate transformation.

I believe that for change to be effective, the emotional, psychological, physical and energetic aspects of the self have to be addressed.

With this approach, my clients are empowered to recreate their lives. They feel their lives moving forward and switched to a positive note. I help put my clients back on track.

I am internationally certified as a Heal Your Life® Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Workshop Teacher. I am also certified in the Medical Intuition System (MIS).

I know firsthand how it feels like to go through each day feeling lost, soulless and stuck.

Despite a stable corporate career, I felt clueless about my life. It affected my peace. I felt troubled, heavy and weighted.

My life changed when I trained in the positive philosophy of self-development pioneer Louise L. Hay. The belief that our thoughts create our reality crystallised everything. The techniques are easy and pragmatic to apply in daily life.

My transformation was accelerated when I used the MIS to clear out stuck energies that were in me and blocking my path.

I became clear about my life purpose. I discovered what I enjoyed doing and what I am good at.

I now help others overcome what I had been through with my life coaching practice, corporate training and workshops.

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$180 to 220 per hour
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Thank you Abelene

Abelene was my “Heal Your Life” Facilitator. She has helped me to focus on what I want to do with my life. I have made progress in achieving my dreams. Looking back, the programme has led me to release negative emotions and build zest for life. As a coach, she was always willing to listen and provide guidance. Her thought provoking questions lead me to think more and gain multiple perspective out of my situation.

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