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“I truly believe that we create our own future and everything is possible.”

Typically she works with leaders and senior executives who are seeking to super-charge their business or personal performance.

She coaches them to realise them to realise their full potential, navigating through complex environments in the work place and balancing this with their personal life and commitments.

She facilitate their personal journey, for them to find their own success that is important to them.

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Anna’s clients include senior and C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, civil servants and creatives across Asia, Europe and the US. Sectors include varied MCN’s industries, Government , public sector bodies and not-for-profit organisations.

Her past and current clients include Johnson & Johnson, Danone, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Dentsu Aegis Network, UK Government Cabinet Office, Keppel Land, dnata, International SO, Raffles Institute, AVA, NTUC to name a few.

With over 25 years’ experience in coaching, mentoring, training and facilitation, Anna runs and Barrage Vision as founder and CEO.

A NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Master coach and certified hypnotherapist, she also incorporates neuroscience and social psychology in her coaching and training practice.

She is an expert in cognitive behaviour coaching and enables individuals and teams understand and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs. This translates into shifts of personal values and beliefs in order to make sustaining behavioural change and boost performance and motivation.

A multi-award winning business transformation programme and change manager, with 20 years solid hands-on experience, Anna provides mentorship to leaders and programme teams to excel and deliver complex business initiatives.

Press and Public Speaking
Anna has been featured as a coach and leader in the Straits Times, HR Director, Expat Living, and Millionaire Asia. She has been interviewed on the BBC TV, UK and BBC radio. Over the past year, Anna has been a featured speaker with JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, NTUC, SUTD, and Singapore Polytechnic.

She is a UK published author, both non-fiction and in academic papers.

Anna is passionate about the potential in all her clients, to empower them to shift their experience through shifting beliefs and paradigms. She is dynamic, patient, non-judgmental and empathetic. Clients describe her as inspirational and motivational.

Contact Anna for
– Executive coaching and mentoring, transforming and super-charging performance
– Training and facilitation
– Change Management, Project and Programme Management mentoring and training

Anna is British and have lived in Singapore since 2011. She is now a permanent resident.

Languages spoken
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype), Phone
$500 to 1,500 per hour
Wake up the superhero in you!

Last weekend, I attended the workshop “Ignite your life” with Anna. This was a wonderful experience which left me energised and very confident I will achieve my goals. During these two days, filled with fun yet thought-provoking activities, we explored our life and our potential. I learnt a lot of techniques and tools, simple but powerful which can be used straight away. If you think you could have a fuller and greater life, I highly recommend Anna who will guide and support you to take the first steps and wake up the superhero in you!

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Eye-opening experience

I participated to the event “Finding your life purpose” followed by an amazing 2 days’ workshop on how to ignite your life. I was looking for a confirmation that I was on the right track with my new life and to help me move forward. Anna’s energy and generosity were the driving force throughout the weekend. She shared all her tricks “Nuggets” to help you achieve your full potential. I’m now full of confidence that I will make it. It was worth the investment!

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A great knowledgeable and energetic Coach

Anna is a fantastic coach. She has the capability to uplift you to your highest level, unleashing your potential and blasting blocking beliefs.
She demonstrates a powerful empathy and always seeks to provide you the best guidance.
What I really really appreciate is her unmatchable energy, loading you with positivity and desire to grow.

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"Ignite Your LIfe" workshop

I recently attended this workshop not knowing what to expect. I went with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. Over the course of the weekend, you meet the most amazing people and you discover things about yourself, which was definitely an eye opener. I would say I was a pessimist, thinking I was dealt a crappy life. Now I know differently.

Anna is an amazing coach, She is very professional and was able to engage with all the people who participated. She has made a positive impact in my outlook on life and I will be using the tools learnt from the workshop to take me forward to a happy and successful life.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is stuck in their life and want guidance on how to move forward. It is a rewarding experience and I am very pleased I did it.

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Inspirational, authentic and empowering

I’ve had the privilege of attending Anna’s small group training sessions on personal branding and developing awesome experiential workshops.

Anna was extremely focused in guiding us through the training sessions and she also allocated time to allow all of us to be truly heard too. I believe that she truly believes in the highest potential in all of us. I was gently guided into being aware of my own limiting beliefs, and into disintegrating those beliefs so I step more deeply into my own authentic power. Her classes are powerful and fun at the same time too!

I am deeply grateful to Anna for working her magic on me!

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Change Management

Anna is truly an effective Change Management specialist. In our recent engagement of her service to run a 1-day work, she was able to engage and influence our Managers and Directors positively. Her knowledge and strong delivery sets her apart from other trainers whom we have encountered previously. I would strongly recommend her and use her service again when future needs arise.

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Powerful Coaching

Anna is, above all, perceptive and insightful in working with people. Her natural empathy makes her a natural coach with immediate presence. In her conversations with me, she gets where my growth direction seems to be calling from and then takes it from there. Dialoguing with her is easy and satisfying, as she meets me on my own wavelength. The power comes when she opens doors and windows through her questions, and this helps me see new possibilities. She is generous in sharing her own learning methods and is a true partner in all she does. Together we have also worked with clients, and I find that her approach is very effective with them as well. I recommend her highly!

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Top Exec Coaching

A coach who has experience in running her own business as well as worked in MNC environment before . That is an important criteria to me when selecting a coach. Besides this, Anna exudes confidence and is a very clear communicator.

Sometimes in Management, it feels like there is no one you can consult with, and one certainly does not wish to air their fears and weakness to your bosses. Since taking up a management role, having Anna as my coach has been an avenue for me to develop my skills and seek clarity in business & people management.

Working with Anna to become the leader I aspire to be, has been a marvelous journey of self-development and creating a path towards business success!

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Leadership coaching

Performance in a changing world involves working effectively thru others. In stepping up to a more challenging role last year with a larger team, Anna’s leadership coaching has enabled me to achieve turn around performance in staff and build a highly motivated and performing team. This in turn has help my team weather the organizational changes & reductions in staff numbers that are currently taking place as the oil industry faces $30/bbl oil prices. Anna has helped me to embrace change as both a learner and a teacher by looking to open up new ideas and ways to work as a mode of resilience.

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