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“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the tinker what he thinks into it”
– Ernest Holmes

Collin Wu is a strategic entrepreneurial coach specifically for budding entrepreneurs and executives. With a background working with various start ups and starting a company on his own. He believes that new entrepreneurs can benefit and shorten the learning curve from Coaching.

1) Are you envious about other business owners that tell you that they love their work and it’s their passion while you struggle?

2) Do you have a great idea for a business but uncertain that you are capable enough or conflicted?

Fret not! Collin aims to align your higher thoughts with your inner self, giving you the congruency you need to empower your pursuits. Together with changing and customizing your beliefs; you will have absolute certainty and drive to reach your goals.

Certification & Qualifications
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Collin is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and an Awakener Coach, working with clients to help shift their mindset, change their perception of their reality and ultimately empowering them to pursuit their goals.

Specializing in:

Mindset Shift

Belief Shift

Passion & Purpose

Phobia Cure

Collin has worked on over many individuals from various walks of life, Coaching them to find their passion and live their passion on a daily basis, in their different roles. Most coachees have started moving towards their passion. And some even started pursuing them.

His belief change work has helped business owners to find out their limiting beliefs and changed them:

1) Coached a business owner whom makes $30,000 per month but ends up with a savings of $0 at the end of the month due to a limiting belief about peace. She changed that limiting belief into an empowering belief, of believing in her own ability to govern her spending. Resulting in an automatic self-talk that surface internally whenever she was asked to spend. This allowed her to choose her actions to save without feeling guilty, enabling her to expand her business.

2) Changed a belief that was imprinted into another coachee during his younger years. He experiences an internal conflict whenever he wants to pick up a new skill or attend courses. With coaching and self-awareness, he has changed the imprint into an empowering belief of wanting to savor new experiences, which now has allowed him to sit for his SAT and IELTS exam for his new pursuit.

And many more… also…

Do you have an irrational fear of a particular thing that is hindering you from experiencing life to its fullest? Do you wish to overcome that fear and explore new opportunities and possibilities?

Do you know that Phobias can be cured?
Often only requiring 1 to 3 sessions?

Feeling stuck? Contact me @ 96828952 to explore new possibilities!

Languages spoken
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Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype)
$200 to 500 per hour
Overcoming Limiting Belief

I’ve always been curious about NLP, I’m glad to have met Colin. He has been generous about sharing various topics about NLP, and in helping me to understand more about self-awareness & communication. A one-on-one session with Colin, allows me to gain better insights about my limiting self beliefs and reach within to understand & overcome them.

I have also been able to better deal with my issue with simple practical steps. I’m also appreciative of Colin’s follow-up after the session!

If you’re looking to overcome some of your mindset issues, I’d recommend a one-on-one session with Colin, that would definitely be more effective!

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Discovering and Recognising my inner self

I have always been a very “logical” person and the tendency to go into some sort of “logical” defense mechanism. Collin has been very patient with helping me move forward, understanding and recognising my inner self. I am glad I went through his program.

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Sales Presentation Coaching

Working in the sales line, I was having difficulty in understanding the areas of improvement for myself to improve my presentation skills and also the ideas to bring across to my clients.

I shared with Collin about my thoughts and he used visualization techniques to help me to see the situation from a bigger perspective. He helped me to imagine and analyze my presentation from various points of views , like presenter’s, client’s and from a third party’s .

The amazing thing about this coaching is that Collin never judge or comment anything about what I did for the presentation, but I myself discover what was lacking in that no one ever tell me. I found the answer from within. It’s like I felt a sense of enlightenment.

After the coaching, I applied the appropriate changes into my sales pitch. Subsequently, I will use what Collin taught me to do post-presentation review so that I can refine my presentation frequently. Thanks Collin ! ?

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An experience that changed my life!

I came as a skeptic but I was desperate for any coaching as I just lost my job, responsibilities abundant and wanted some change in life. So our man here, Collin, went through a series of steps that would tap deep into my self consciousness and how to approach it in a positive way. It was really mind blowing (there was a part in which I nearly teared up) on what i had discovered and through that could proceed with what I have wanted. Life felt great and lighter!
My Sincere thanks Collin.

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Set Up yourself for Success!

Mr Colin Wu is my coach at Project 1000. His deep knowledge and genuine concern in helping me discover my key priorities and life purpose really made a great difference in my life. I highly recommend anyone who wants to succeed in their lives to work with Collin to set yourself for success!

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Gentle but firm focus

Collin was my coach at Project 1000, where he guided me on my purpose. He took me through a series of visualizing exercises, such as thinking about how a future version of myself will advise my current self, as well as an object to symbolize who I want to be. I’ve been to many coaching sessions before (which were all mightily helpful), and Collin’s questions still brought me a new perspective. His gentle demeanour makes his presence comfortable and yet his questions kept me focused. Because of Collin’s coaching, I was more certain of the steps I could take to achieve mini goals, plus I had a better vision of the person I wanted to be. Thank you Collin!

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