Derek Goh


I am an interior designer by training. It started out as a passion and now it is my profession for the last 22 years. My role has evolved from a junior designer into a hospitality design consultant to hospitality design companies and hotel developers in Asia. And through the years of working along side with and understanding my clients’ challenges, my services are further extended to mentoring and now coaching as well.

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I am learning to be a career coach from a very prominent master coach couples, Kanes & Alessia, who have been in coaching practice for more than 15 years. Through their course, I have committed to practise at least 8 hrs a week to learnt the fine point of coaching technique using NLP which is a very powerful tools to help shifts ones mindset to excel in what they wanted to achieve. As a trainee coach under Kanes & Alessia, I have their undivided support to mentor me as long as I need their help even when I am practicing my coaching. They believe that I am ready to take on the challenge.
I believe everyone has a capability to do what they have intended to achieve. I have experience it myself as well. However, not everyone is as lucky as I am to achieve what they intended. Many a time this is due to our mindset sabotage pattern, lack of confidence and etc. to move ourselves forward and we may not even realise what stop us from achieving our goal. Hence, I am very passionate to turn my believe into action and facilitate others to achieve their goal.

Languages spoken
English, Chinese
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype)
Donations to cover overheads (fees are not chargeable as a trainee coach)
$0 to 30 per session
I have been approved by my trainer/tutor that I am have the competent skills to practice on the public.

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