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Empowering women live fulfilled life through coaching, mindfulness and mindset mastery.

I focus on helping womenl to discover their inner sparkles and live a life they desire. I specialise in helping them attain total confidence, courage and inner peace in their life.

Imagine this. You feel that you’re on top of the world, with immense sense of freedom in life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if confidence and clarity were a part of your life?

Isn’t it great if work feels effortless for you?

Don’t you wish to sleep better at night & wake up with a purpose in the morning?

It is for reasons above that I become transformational coach- to guide women through the phase from where they are now to where they want to be.

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I was once living a life of “sparkly outside, dull inside”. The glamorous front of being a working woman while feeling empty, doubtful, worried and afraid, the moment I reached home. As I continue on my self-discovery journey, I realized that the external pursuit of perfection and happiness was an illusion. I was not happy, no matter how perfect I try to be, no matter how much money I make, no matter how much I achieved. After many ups and downs, I came to realize that all of these are not the keys to happiness.

“Enough is enough”. I took a leap of faith to pursue my inner calling.

Now, I work with women who are anxious, afraid and worried about their life direction. They feel that their life is not good enough. Yet, deep down in their heart, they would like to do greater things, to find meaning, fulfilment and purpose in their life.

I help my women clients to tap into their inner strength and ignite their passion while managing the practicality and reality of the stressful working life. As a woman especially, we tend to have inner conflicts between our mind and our heart, and this is one of the many areas that I help my women clients with.

My style and approach is gentle and yet empowering. I do not simply show or tell my clients what to do. Instead, I guide my clients to explore and experience things, such as thoughts, feelings, emotions, reflections and “AHA” moments. This is done through a combination of sharing of concepts, theories, interactive activities, mindfulness practice, breathing techniques and writing exercise.

I’ve been learning the science of the mind, the art of working with emotions and mindfulness for the past 11 years. I continue to learn and share my experiences, knowledge and lifework through speaking, coaching and writing.

I am featured on motivational radio show at 93.8FM Live, Yoga Journal and The Master Shift (non-profit organization promoting world peace and meditation).

Languages spoken
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype), Phone
$250 to 1,001 per hour
An excellent Coach

Elies connects well with me in the sense that she has a very soft spot that makes me at ease and easy to open up and be honest with my feelings. She helped me find clarity with a very effective process.

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