Francis Keng Cheong LIM


I look forward to working with Individuals and Organisations who face challenges achieving their desired growth and goals. I wish to help unleash their inner enthusiasm and energy to create their desired outcomes through personal mastery, organisational learning, innovation and teamwork. My interests lie in executive and leadership coaching and training, enabling growth and from-root-cause problem solving from within.
I am deeply passionate about the work by Peter Senge on Organisational Learning and Personal Mastery, because I believe that learning, aspirations, the correct mindsets to change, interferences and growth will allow sustained success in both personal and organisational lives. I translate these knowledge into my coaching formula and outcomes.
I am also influenced greatly by my inclination towards Asian and western philosophy, Chinese culture and Zen spirituality.

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Completed: Leading and Sustaining Change in a Learning Organisation diploma conducted by Civil Service College
Current: 7-Figure Coach by Alessia and Kane Minkus as a professional coach

My focus and passions are on leadership development, organisational learning, organisational consciousness, change management, generative aspirations & conversations, through the body of work on Organisational Learning and Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge and Daniel Kim. The key outcomes would be to
1. Inculcate learning capabilities to reframe positive mindsets
2. Encourage aspirations towards effective individuals, teams and leaders at all levels
3. Understand and manage complexities to feel more engaged and connected particularly in a technology and non-profit organisational setting,
4. Cultivate innovation and generative interactions

I truly believe that sustainable change comes from within, through reflection, deep aspirations, positive mindsets, understanding complexities which in turn translate to generative action. Hence, my work dwells from a little deeper even for Organisational work.

My 3-step ‘L-I-T’ Your Organisational Success Coaching Formula (the acronym LIT is also meaningful because it means “lighting from inside”)
1. embracing Learning capabilities
2. encouraging Innovation in methods and thoughts
3. fostering Team learning and results

My 5-step ‘I-AM’ Foundations of Personal Success Coaching Formula (5 steps include I-AMA-I, a reflected I AM)
1. understanding Interferences
2. deepening Awareness
3. reframing Mindsets
4. inspiring Aspirations
5. generative Interaction

Both formula will form the foundations of my coaching practice for leadership, executive and organisational coaching.

Languages spoken
English, Mandarin
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype), Phone
Donations to cover overheads (fees are not chargeable as a trainee coach)
$20 to 30 per session
I have been approved by my trainer/tutor that I am have the competent skills to practice on the public.

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