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I am the founding Director of SpiroNicholson (Singapore) Pte Ltd

‘Building relationships, developing leaders’

We work in the space where business, cultural, interpersonal, and personal factors mingle.

Clients include Accors Hotels, BBC, M&G Asia, Moet-Hennessy United Distillers, GE, Barclays Capital.

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I have been coaching C suite leaders and the senior management community, professionals and entrepreneurs over a thirty year international career in East Asia, Australia, USA, Europe. I am also an accredited mediator with intercultural competency, offering conflict resolution teams, businesses, partnerships. This has added a valuable dimension to my coaching enabling a focus on the thorny problems of conflict and collaboration – especially so with today’s ambiguous networks. My philosophy is to be strengths-led while not avoiding obstacles, to be responsive to needs and not dogmatic in approach. Themes involve the evolution of managers into leaders, performance, strategy and values alignment, negotiating, collaborating and influencing within a complex stakeholder matrix, onboarding, leading teams, governance culture, business model change, digital, corporate and local cultures, career transition, presence, self-management, professional development.

I am currently working with the top Asia Pacific executive team of a European multinational, using 360 feedback and critical thinking data. For board/top team executives the coach engages with issues not easily pigeon-holed. Trust, discretion and expertise in organisational dynamics are essential. Opening up the dialogue respectfully is fundamental.

I explore context to capture the range and nuances of stakeholder relationships – searching questions, listening deeply, role-modelling coaching skills. There is scope for both an outcomes-led strategic approach and ‘in the moment’ transformation. The relationship ‘grows’ a broadened portfolio of behaviours for the coachee and enhanced capability for the client business.

I am a former Visiting lecturer in Interpersonal Management Skills (London Business School) and faculty on Georgetown University’s International Management Programme with Oxford University (MBA & Public Policy graduates). Topics included negotiation, leading change, cross-cultural factors in international business. My coaching benefits from my knowledge of tools and techniques to help coachees become both more insightful, proficient, and confident.

I have designed and led hundreds of masterclasses with a skilful interactive approach. I encourage delegates to set up live projects to ground learning in the business, supported by coaching. I have facilitated and coached teams post-acquisition and within Asian JVs where there is a need to integrate people and roles.

I sometimes invite coachees to think and talk beyond their jargon through a music or art reference. I practise mindfulness meditation and introduce it to coachees on a voluntary basis.

• I am accredited in Harrison Assessments and currently pursuing WABC accreditation
• Certified in Intercultural Competency as a Mediator to IMI standards
• Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development


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Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype), Phone
$400 to 1,200 per hour
Coaching in a matrix: Investment Banking Managing

Greg provided me with fantastic negotiating skills coaching and training. My role involved negotiation with multiple stakeholders, within a matrix environment and I needed to improve my negotiation skills. Greg’s approach not only provided insight into the academic theory of interest-led negotiation, but also helped through role-play and support in the Asia timezone for real issues. I found Greg’s experience of large multi national corporations to be invaluable, especially his understanding of matrix organisations, politics and cultural differences. Investment Banking culture can be highly parochial and sometimes idiosyncratic, so I was surprised at how effectively I was able to leverage Greg’s insights. Indeed, his analytical and empathetic approach made him my go-to coach for talking through the best course of action.

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Greg Spiro…Coaching for Profit

As MD Diageo Australasia, I asked Greg to coach the executive team in Sydney. I sat on the Hong Kong based Asia Regional Executive Committee of which Greg was a non-executive member, tasked with coaching a very driving Regional Managing Director and others. Greg had a wide-ranging influential role including in JVs. Also Greg coached the Worldwide Executive Committee I attended.
Greg is an excellent coach on all counts with results that can be measured on the bottom line. His strengths:
1. Empathy. He identifies behaviorial issues quickly, convincing individuals to want to be coached and to change.
2 Team coaching. He navigates disparate motives and aspirations, drawing on data, fostering team ownership.
3 He understands how organisations work and how they have changed
4 Multiculturally perceptive notably in Asia, moulding teams of Asians and Westerners and engaging corporate culture
5 He understands that the business context is paramount.

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Navigating change in a complex environment

I connected with Greg at a critical crossroad in my career some years ago. In our conversations we explored the issues, opportunities, and the complex network of workplace relationships to uncover a range of viable options.

Greg’s insights helped me to see my situation and the way ahead more clearly, formulate a plan and take some small steps that made a big difference. I ended up in a more fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable work environment – without even changing roles.

Having reached another turning point, I have enlisted Greg’s expertise to help guide me through a period of transition in my career. Greg helps me focus on the heart of the issue, is always encouraging and his depth and breadth of experience and knowledge – particularly in the area of managing change – shines through in every conversation.

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Julia Gabriel Director Julia Gabriel Education

Greg Spiro was enormously helpful and supportive in two sessions to prepare me for a difficult negotiation. His understanding, clear structures, useful role play and follow up contributed directly to my confidence from the outset and a successful outcome. Thank you Greg.

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