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Hello there! 🙂

I firmly believe that our everyday life can and should be full of lightness and magic. Typically, I help women all over the world release their emotional baggage and rediscover their own brilliance. I tune into and unfold my clients’ emotional states through energetic awareness, a sense of childlike wonder, and gentle coaching techniques. Some of them even find their physical health has improved after their painful emotions have been released!

Do you believe that LIFE can feel amazingly Light and full of Magic?
Do you want to start releasing more of who you are not, and to BE more of who you Truly Are?
Do you want to be more aligned to your Life Purpose?
Would you like to discover more about who You Truly Are?

If you answer ‘YES!’ to any or all of the above, please do join my mailing list at so I can share with you more on how I can help!

Certification & Qualifications
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My business name is called ‘Bingz Healing Hands’ because my first taste of magic was through being able to sense and radiate energies from my hands!

I have been trained in various healing modalities such as Usui Reiki, Quantum-Touch, Soul Realignment, The Wonder Method and Healing by Human Design for the past 8 years. I am a certified coach in The Wonder Method and a certified Level 1 Healing by Human Design specialist. Being a coach in The Wonder Method enables me to coach my clients in processing and shifting their emotions more effectively. Healing by Human Design is a great profiling tool that helps me to customize the way I coach each client. I have been featured in ChannelNewsAsia and have been showcased at Singapore’s largest wellness and spiritual fair Heart Mind Body Festival. Being a mother to two young boys has also given me ample training in being childlike, patient and nurturing at the same time!

We live in a deeply interconnected world so it is easy to feel emotionally triggered by people and events happening around us. We can end up accumulating various mixed emotions that are difficult to explain and describe to others. I help my clients:
-understand who they are on an energetic level and how they are affected by the people around them,
-feel through their emotional overwhelm through silent mindfulness, and
-rediscover their own magical brilliance.

My clients appreciate that they do not need to reveal painful details of their traumas in order to work with me. I hold a non-judgmental and compassionate space to help facilitate and accelerate their own emotional processing.

Languages spoken
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype)
$138 to 250 per hour
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The only healer I trust with my heart

Bingz has been my go-to healer for the past few years. Her kind and friendly personality puts you at ease immediately but don’t be fooled by her gentle demeanor & healing energies, they seriously pack a punch whether it comes to releasing blockages, renewing wonder and embracing self love.

Be it physical, mental or emotional issues, be ready to experience a pure healing from Bingz. No one is more suited to practice the Wonder Method as much as Bingz because to me, that what she embodies- wonder and joy.

I was also introduced to the Human Design System by her last year and truly it has opened many doors for me in harnessing my true gifts. She was patient and her in depth analysis was spot on in many areas, unraveling the many doubts I have of myself for many years.

Thank you Bingz , for being there and helping me though some tough times… you are a gift in my life and may you never ever stop shining your light and love! ❤️

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Honest, sincere and caring

Bumped into Bingz by chance after losing contact since graduating from university. So glad we met again!

Bingz was prompt to respond to enquiries and put me to ease with her calm, friendly and warm demeanour.

The healing process was simple and helped me relax, at the same time giving me deep insights into the causes of my emotional baggages. Bingz guided me on how to release the baggages and baby steps ok how to overcome my fears.

Thanks Bingz for your awesome service and advice!

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Huang Bingjie aka Bingz Personality

Bingz had tremendous experience in working with her clients and received many positive reviews. Found her to be pragmatic, patience in her approach and able to provide advise to life problems in a very holistic way.
A very bubbly fun and loving personality that she had too, making you feel at ease and yet eluding a sense of professionalism in her work.

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