Isha Bedi


A counsellor by profession, I completed my Masters in Guidance & Counselling from James Cook University, Singapore. I am also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practititoner. During my year-long internship with a welfare organization, I worked with the elderly as well as women going through depression, helping them cope with stress and relationship issues.
Despite my MBA qualification back in 2001 and a two-year stint in the corporate world when I was with Thomas Cook (India), I chose to be a stay-at-home mum for a decade. My passion of helping people rediscover their greater self and make new choices in their lives led me to pursue a career in the direction of counselling.

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An MBA by qualification, I worked with Thomas Cook (India) and Addax Bank (Bahrain). Client servicing at the organizations gave me the skill set to quickly build rapport and understand client issues. I decided to give up my corporate career and follow my passion in becoming a counsellor, so as to help people empower themselves. NLP gave me the tools to use to help people explore their choices and overcome issues.
I rely on rapport-building as the basis of my connection to clients. Giving them the trust to express their thoughts and issues is paramount. With most clients, I tend to use cognitive-behavior-theory, where clients are made aware of their thought processes, and the feelings and behavior those thoughts are causing. It is our thoughts and beliefs that make the map of our world. Using NLP tools, I, as counsellor, like to help clients understand where they are and where they would like to be, thus helping them make positive changes in their lives.
With the elderly, I use person-centered-theory whereby I listen to their stories. Showing compassion, using open-ended questions and demonstrating listening skills is key to make the elderly see a different perspective. The feedback I have come to receive has been positive in that the elderly tend to feel better and calmer after an interaction with me.
By offering volunteer services at Marine Parade Family Center and Bethany Nursing home, I have been able to work on my skill of listening and rapport building.

Languages spoken
English, Punjabi, Hindi
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face
$50 to 100 per hour

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