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Jacky is a communications specialist who empowers business owners, sales professionals and high-level executives to enhance their personal charisma and communicate with greater impact and influence at the workplace. He is also an internationally-certified NLP trainer who is highly sought after for his life-transforming programs. Over the past decade, Jacky has worked with over thousands of individuals from various organizations, ranging from SMEs, MNCs, non-profit organizations and government agencies. He has also been featured in various popular medias in Singapore such as the Straits Times, Sunday Times, 93.8FM etc. Jacky is also the author of best-selling book “Increase your Sales with NLP”.

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Jacky Lim is a widely acclaimed communications specialist, sales coach and business coach. Highly valued for his transformational and results-oriented programs, Jacky has worked with over thousands of individuals in Singapore and the region from various organizations, ranging from schools, SMEs, MNCs, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Today, Jacky is also only one of the few NLP trainers in Singapore and the region who runs the prestigious and highly-recognized NLP certification training programs recognized by one of the world’s largest and leading NLP Associations- the American Board of NLP (ABNLP). Creator of the Acme Success Coaching™, Jacky has enriched and empowered the lives of thousands of people through his highly engaging, dynamic and charismatic coaching/training over the last 10 years.

A nominated business luminary of the 2013 Promising SME 500 award, Jacky has also been featured thrice on air with 93.8FM, appearing several times in the Straits Times and Sunday Times too. He is also the co-author of bestselling book “Increase your Sales with NLP”.

Training/Speaking Reference:
• Singtel
• Hyflux
• Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
• Singapore Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC),
• Singapore Ministry of Community Development Youth & Sport (MCYS)
• National Community Leadership Institute of Singapore (NACLI)
• Singapore Power Group (SPG)
• Swiss Precision Industries
• United Parcel Service (UPS)
• Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)
• Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)
• Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
• True Beauty International
• Siltronic Samsung Wafer
• Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
• NHST Media Group
• ING Bank
• Toppion (Vietnam)
• Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU)
• Park Hotel Group
• AIA Singapore
• Samsung
• Great Eastern Life

Success Stories

Jacky’s proficiency as an NLP trainer definitely came through to my sales team. We were even guided through the follow-up after the training was completed. I am delighted to have engaged Jacky who has gone the extra mile in enhancing the effectiveness of my team- Alysha Ng, HR Executive Beijing 101

Using a technique that Jacky taught me, I was able to close a deal within the next 2 hours- Gin Seah, Life Coach

To view more video testimonials as well as access our free learning resources, you may also visit our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRuj7-7GICWWt9mgz6jibJA

Languages spoken
English, Mandarin
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype), Phone
$350 to 500 per hour
Great, enriching session for entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I was constantly drained of energy and having difficulty building up my dream team. Jacky was spot on describing my strengths and weaknesses, explained to me why I was constantly drained – I was focusing on things I don’t enjoy and that made me unhappy in my business. Jacky then goes the extra mile by spending an extra half hour of his own time discussing with me gave me ideas on constructing my team, starting with a few personalities I should bring to my team to complement my weaknesses and expand effectively. I highly recommend all entrepreneurs to consult Jacky and find out more about themselves and their teammates – having the right personality at the right job, working together knowing each other’s difference can save many years of needless arguments, unhappiness, and you can reach success much easier!

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The good coach you must have

I attended Jacky’s NLP program last year. He taught me how to create a achievable goal and make clear on my career development. In addition, the modeling in NLP I acquired from him enhanced my public speaking skills. Thanks Jacky for his coaching. He is a good coach you must have.

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Jacky helped changed my mindset

Using the wealth dynamics framework, Jacky helped me understand what I should do to create a successful training business. Extremely generous with his time, Jacky was invested in my success as a coach. Exceptional!

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Great coach

A great coach that everyone should talk to him. He provides valuable and actionable advise that ordinary people like me and you can follow.

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Focus on strengths not weakness

I took the wealth dynamic coaching with Jacky. The coaching session is helpful because it identify my strengths and my weaknesses.

I discovered the true reason to all my unhappiness through these years- All this time i had actually spent a lot of time doing many things that i am not good at, which isn’t the best energy flow for me.

After taking the wealth dynamics test and coaching, it makes me realised i should outsource my weakness, delegate tasks i don’t find joy in doing and instead focus on my strengths and learn to become excellent in my natural flow of things.

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