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11 years ago I reached a career decision point that I have never regretted. I retired my corporate credit, left behind a successful career with a prominent global tech giant, and pursued my passion; coaching.

Since that time, I work with groups, team and individuals to focus on coaching the communication skills that people need to drive success in business.

While I take a formulaic approach to coaching, I also encourage my client’s creativity to be jointly exercised through conference design and facilitation and in the creation of compelling visuals to support persuasive presentation messages.

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Through coaching and facilitation, I have worked with thousands of professionals to help them redesign their personal communication approach or to craft an improved strategic direction for their company.

…is the word I use to sum up the delivery style I adopt in my client interactions.

Stakeholders, budget holders, outcome sponsors or the individuals with whom I will deliver my services are all involved. At least as much as they can bear!

Through creating relevant and meaningful ownership of the intended outcomes, there is more attention, more clarity and ultimately more accountability to achieving lasting, positive and measurable change.

Confidence to Change
The majority of my coaching assignments are team based workshops with a focus on improving specific business communication needs, often in a sales environment. I ensure that workshops are interactive and stimulating to drive their future effectiveness and value to the client’s business.

Individual coaching is conducted for those where a specific communication shortfall has been identified. We work together on establishing the current benchmark followed by a plan to develop new skills and more effective methods to influence or collaborate with others, whether they are colleagues or clients.

In both team based and individual coaching, behaviour change at some level is required. To enable early adoption of the introduced communication techniques and tools, each one is designed to be easy to recall and intuitive to apply in real situations. This promotes confidence in their usage and a confident start to the personal or team change process.

Brain Dominance Profiling
Being created in the 1970’s the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) is one of the most practical and sustainably valuable profiling tools.

The first model of its kind to use visually appealing colour coding, HBDI survey results measure our thinking preferences and hence, our communication style. This tool is robustly researched from Nobel Prize-winning works and up to date understanding of neuroscience, offering profilees the opportunity to take a ‘whole brain’ approach to their dealings with others. HBDI is applicable in a variety of situations; working with colleagues, analysing customers, business planning, corporate culture change and in presenting tailored information.

It’s fascinating that 9 out of 10 Fortune 500 companies are putting HBDI to good practical use. Millions of business people have been profiled with HBDI, providing excellent research data and further enhancing its value and ROI (Return On Intelligence)!

Who engages me?
Some clients I have worked with:
Fuji Xerox Global Services, Airbus, Mars, Singapore Post, Dentsu Aegis Network, Partners Group, Hogan Lovells Lawyers, Singapore Tourism Board, Stephenson Harwood Lawyers, KPMG, Nielsen, IHG, Qantas Airways, Microsoft, BHP Biliton.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to being in touch soon.

Languages spoken
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype), Phone
$250 to 850 per hour
Great coach and even better human being

John trained and coached my regional sales teams and myself over the past 9+months. John’s engagement throughout is what struck me the most; he is working very closely with me to continuously improve the impact of the team and is genuinely interested in their personal as well as our joint success.

With people based in and from all the countries around SouthEastAsia and South-Korea, handling the cultural and working style differences has been another big win working with John. The team all around instantly took to him as a mentor and are fully committed going through this change program.

The ROI for the company has been huge, the first real impact could be measured in Q1 and we achieved 18% over our target! Currently we are on track to achieve a similar number in Q2.

All in all I would highly recommend working with John!

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