Marisa Anggoro


I teach BodyBalance and was trained since 2008. I learnt BodyBalance because it relaxes me and gets me to a state of grounding and relaxation. I love sharing what I learnt and my passion and I teach people how to be comfortable in their skin.

I help people to realize their true life potential by removing the disempowering beliefs in every areas of their life; money, time, relationship.

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I started my self-development journey in 2014 when I was failing in relationship and my life. I attended a number of self-actualization courses, namely Living in Passion, Ultimate Transformation, Abundant Influence Mastery and World Class Trainer which have allowed me to realize my true passion. I facilitated Miracle Circle sessions helping people from all walks of their life to identify the disempowering beliefs that held them back in life and to re-align and anchor them to a more empowering mindset to move forward.

Languages spoken
Fluent English and Bahasa Indonesia; Conversational levels of Mandarin, Hokkian and Teochew
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype)
$80 to 200 per hour

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