Shamsiah Samsudin


The beauty of what I do is it’s simplicity .
Optimal wellbeing and health or living the life you desire does not have to be hard , if you only knew how simple it is .

I’ve shown countless individuals typically new parents who are struggling to juggle their professional life and parenthood challenges through a simple yet highly effective holistic nutrition program called ” Fresh Start ” .
This program is also used by preschools and companies to achieve personalised, practical, simple and sustainable ways to be healthier and happier.

I do this by guiding and inspiring you to cultivate practical , easy yet healthier lifelong eating habits to nourish your body and a gratitude mindset through meditation and journaling which creates abundance in your life .

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As a Reiki Master and Nutrition Therapist, I combine these modalities to nourish mind and body to help you feel happier , healthier more confident and energised to face life challenges through a program I created called Fresh Start.

Fresh Start helps you
– make better food choices based on your unique nutrition needs for a healthier body
– feel energised, more confident and gain better clarity to overcome life challenges through meditation and journaling
– feel happier about your life just as you are

The first step to happiness I believe is by experiencing the world through eyes of gratitude and seeing abundance everywhere.

Have you ever wondered why you receive the challenges you face ?
Why it’s so hard for you to lose weight ?
How to incorporate healthier food to feed your fussy eater ?
Or perhaps why when you followed the latest health trend, it didn’t work out for you the way it did for others ?

Well my answer is :
There is only one of you , only you have your own unique heartprint

So whatever health trend that may work for one person , may not necessarily work for you .

I help you uncover your own unique set of nutrition needs to find out what foods really nourish your body through a simple nutrition assessment .

Nutrition on its own does not equate optimal wellbeing . For that , you’d have to be as equally committed to nourishing your mind and heart through mindful living , positive mindset and active lifestyle .

Through mindful reflection and meditation you will feel so much better about yourself , your life, you will gain better insight into your unique set of challenges and believe fully that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to and live the life of your dreams .

I’ve helped preschools and companies incorporate health and wellness programs through talks , healthy cooking demonstrations and meditation sessions . Two of the preschools I’ve worked with even have their own community vegetable garden now and all are still practising serving and cultivating healthy eating habits .

Change towards better health and life does not have to be hard . I keep it really simple yet practical so it is easy to take consistent daily steps towards your Fresh Start .

Languages spoken
English Malay
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype)
$150 to 400 per hour

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