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Woon Peng Ziady believes all of us can live our purpose and make a positive difference in the world.

What you can expect in her coaching sessions is her cross-generational and multi-cultural knowledge; diverse business expertise and energetic approach to life and well-being.

Connect with Woon to be inspired and energized to succeed on your own terms. More at http://www.linkedin.com/in/woonpz

Certification & Qualifications
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Woon has more than a decade of management experience, doing marketing and sales in first DDB Advertising followed by Nokia. During her time in Nokia, she worked in Singapore covering Asia-Pacific, Mexico and Colombia covering Latin America, and finally South Africa covering Middle East Africa. She has led cross cultural and multi-location teams towards exceeding targets year on year. Her roles have included sales, marketing and business management of mobile solutions used by tens of millions of users as well as sales of over US$150million annually.

Woon is currently a multiple business owner. Besides setting up Chai Coaching in 2012, Woon also runs 2 other diverse businesses that add richness and relevance to her coaching. She is the co-owner of Springfisher which specializes in mobile and web apps that engage and enrich over a million of users in South Africa. At Vines and Roots, she drives the strategy and marketing of natural and organic skincare products that support ethically sourced ingredients, fair trade and affordable wellness.

Woon leverages her multi-cultural understanding, experience in multi-location management and cross-generational knowledge (from Baby Boomers to Generation X, Y and Z) to benefit her clients. Her coaching and facilitating experience covers the Digital Mobile Industry, Singapore Public Institutions, Health Sector and SMEs. She has coached Group Directors, Heads of Departments, Managers, Entrepreneurs and SME Owners.

Impact of her coaching include:
• Organizational cultural transformation
• Change management while growing productivity
• Team cohesiveness and values alignment
• Strategic planning and attaining “big leaps”
• Mindfulness towards Work-Life fulfillment
• Skills development – presentation, project management and thought leadership

Woon is proficient in the Results Coaching System methodology and Brain Based Coaching, which draws from neuroscience, with support from systems theory, change theory, learning theory and positive psychology. She is also trained in the Barrett Model which covers the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model and Business Needs Scorecard (BNS) to identify where an organization has potential to develop.

Woon is committed to coaching excellence having attained her ACC accreditation and also served as Honorary Secretary for the International Coach Federation Singapore Chapter 2014-15. Her clients are encouraged to live authentically and discover new useful insights that not just improve their lives but also add value to workplace transformation towards the “good society”. Woon’s time is currently divided between both Cape Town and Singapore.

Languages spoken
Coaching delivery channel
Face to face, Video (e.g. Skype), Phone
$450 to 1,200 per hour
Impactful 1st session

I did a Skype session with Woon, not knowing what to expect from a coach.
… and within the 1.5 hours, she helped me learnt about myself by directing my thoughts to recognize the cause of the problems, and gave valuable insights on the various issues I wanted to work on.
At some point I even got emotional (sobs) as we discussed on things that are truly important to me.
I appreciate her honestly and sincerity in her comments and overall it was an impactful 1st session.
Thank you…

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An excellent and committed coach!

I met Woon through a management development program a couple of years ago. I was going through a tough phase both professionally and personally at that time and I must thank my lucky stars to have met her!

Woon is a highly positive person. She believes in you and asks pointed questions to help cut through the clutter and sharpen your focus on what is important. One question that has stuck with me is what advice would I give someone (else) who was going through the exact same situation as me. She knew just how to remove the emotional noise and get to the root of the matter! With her encouragement, I was able to take a step back and analyse my situation to achieve a positive outcome.

Woon is committed, constructive, and a highly positive influence on all those around her. Her approach to coaching is direct and sincere and she ensures that you set and monitor your goals, so that you can actualise what you set out to do. In summary, I would highly recommend Woon as a coach.

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A great coach!

I met Woon in 2012 and the few months we spent together were life changing. At the time, I was struggling with self management, which made me less effective at work. It was a difficult time in my working life. Though she wont take the credit, she rescued me from a potential meltdown. Together, we went back to basics. She helped me to re-define my purpose in life, develop greater emotional intelligence and better self management skills.

I have since thrived in my career and I get more fulfillment from the work I do. I attribute the success to the tools she equipped me with during the time we spent together in 2012.

I would recommend her to anyone looking to reach their full potential.

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Fantastic Coach!

Woon is very easy to talk to. She helped me to figure out what were the key issues at hand. She then helped me to create achievable targets to address these issues. I came to her with mummy guilt as a working mom. I came out learning a lot more about myself, aware of my strengths and the tools and resources I had at hand. I have achieved so much since our conversations and can now say that I have a satisfying work life and family life. Thanks Woon!

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One AMAZING Coach!

I am very fortunate that I was able to work with Woon when I was at my career crossroad more than a year ago. Not only has she helped me to navigate through my career decision-making process, she has also made me realized other priorities which are inter-connected with my career goals. She also provided me a voice without any political spin, and a wall for me to bounce off ideas with complete openness.

All in all – Woon is one AMAZING coach!

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Effective Coaching

I had a really good experience with Woon as my executive coach for a year! I feel comfortable sharing my opinions with her openly and am glad to have her as my sounding board. She has been supportive by showing me encouragement when I make progress towards my goals, and reminding me to celebrate successes.

Woon is very sharp and always able to draw insights to provide me with great advice. I enjoy the process of her asking questions, pushing for alternative solutions to problems and spurring me on to take reasonable risks.

She has definitely helped to “unlock” me and allowed me to learn more about myself. I highly recommend Woon as a coach to those who are keen to learn and grow!

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Heightened Self Awareness with Woon

I initially didn’t comprehend the need for an executive coach.
Just like the coaches who push athletes to greatness in sports, Woon pushes me to find success and satisfaction from my job or lifestyle.

What we have achieved during this period:
Heightened Self Awareness – Honest self-knowledge, about my motives, personality capacities and values

With my new “super power”, I can now improve my own self-confidence, increase my gravitas and ensure better communication skills. It has helped me become more authentic and makes it easier to inspire, motivate and influence those around.

For the organization who was paying the bill, I see the pros as such. I learn the coaching technique which I can implement with my teams for improved relationships and productivity, as well as enhance employee development. This helps improve organizational performance, positively affects organizational culture and ensures succession planning and development of key executives!

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Effective for self-development!

Woon has been an extremely effective coach for me in the past 1 year and counting…

Through her, I learnt that knowing my strengths was not enough – she taught me ways to appreciate and build upon what I was good at, and even helped me to understand myself better. In our process of sparing during coaching sessions, she helped me sharpen my thinking and verbal skills, and taught me to focus on my goals. She is an all rounded coach, often dishing out life skills and tips to help me with my personal issues as well!

Our sessions are often intense, yet peppered with light-hearted moments, to make me learn in ways I’ll always remember – the anecdotal examples to remind me of what didn’t go well and what did. I feel happier after one year of coaching. A highly-recommended coach for one who’s investing in self-development!

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A Wonderful Coach!

Woon listens empathetically and was able to establish a disciplined understanding with me to dissect and address my challenges. She brings to the coaching session her wealth of experience from the corporate world and offers useful suggestions for me to formulate my own regime, yet not imposing her thoughts on me. With her help, I have gained greater mindfulness over my work and personal life.

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A coach who cares

Woon is an approachable and frank coach who makes you feel very comfortable in sharing. She was able to offer different perspectives and helped me better understand my weaknesses and build on my strengths. 

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A Coach I can trust

Woon is a dedicated coach who helped me recognise my strengths and weaknesses as an employee, a supervisor, a hubby and a daddy. She helped formulate tangible and workable steps to help me achieve my immediate goals. Woon was frank and truthful, something I appreciate a lot.

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A coach with a big heart

Woon is truly an amazing coach who has a unique ability to draw insights and provide fresh perspectives. She makes you feel comfortable to share but yet expects follow through to the actions you commit to do.

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A coach that I trust

Woon has the ability to connect with people at a deeper level. I like the way she had helped me explore my inner thoughts and guided me in my self-discovery journey. With her as my trusted coach, I took the courage and made a big change. So grateful to her that I had rediscovered myself 🙂

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Great Advice!

Ziady is an inspiring coach, always ready with clear advice and illuminating insights to help me in my professional and personal life. She is able to incisively pinpoint core issues and problems, and also provide helpful tips and an inventive approach to tackle any obstacles. She is a great coach!

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A New Beginning, A New Life

I am really glad that I have made the right choice in attending Chai Coaching. During the coaching sessions, Woon patiently guided me in achieving my goals. Her attentiveness, professionalism and patience brought me a new, fresh perspective of life. If not for Woon, I would not have known I was able to reach my goals so quickly.

I feel I have been transformed into a happy and confident person. I am always filled with gratitude. Thanks to Chai Coaching Series which I have completed in Year 2013. It definitely helps me along all these years. Most importantly, thanks Woon for guiding me patiently all this while. Everyday, there will be new insights for me to look forward to. 🙂


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