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The Professional Coach Development (PCD) Series is an exciting and enriching coach training program open to individuals keen to master coaching competencies.

  • Tried to help loved ones but failed to make a difference?
  • Want to become a respected paid coach while helping people at the same time?
  • Impacted deeply by a coach/mentor and hungry to ‘pay it forward’?
  • Believe in your team but not sure how to achieve better performance?
  • Have a feeling you could be a great peoples’ leader?
  • Have a burning desire to effectively change society?
  • Seeking change in self and important relationships?

Proven as the most effective avenue for personal change, coaching offers the potential for immense impact on self, family and community. Our ACSTH coach training program, endorsed by ICF for its strict training standards, allows individuals to obtain professional coach credentials. 13 years of coach training expertise compressed into simple, bite-sized learning that offers an integrated approach of core coaching principles, practices, demonstrations, discussions, mentoring and a significant amount of personal reflection and self-work.

Attended by those who simply want to help others, to those who aspire to make a living from coaching.


By the end of the program, you would have…

  • Applied and turned coaching models and concepts into a skill set
  • Learnt how to partner your client for successful coaching impact
  • Learnt how to facilitate and influence change within a person or situation
  • Understood how to use powerful questioning techniques
  • Deepened your ability to listen objectively and emphatically
  • Witness your impact on your clients and peer coaches, maybe even within yourself
  • and many more!


This is a certification program. By the end of the PCD program, you would have met the criteria to apply for an internationally recognized coaching credential (the “Associate Coach Credential”) by the largest certifying body in the world, the International Coach Federation. In 9 months from the start of your training, you could be a respected, credentialed coach – perfect to launch your career with, to monetize your passion, or to leverage on if you’re a HR executive keen adding value to your portfolio.

This certification program is led by a Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF), the highest attainable rank in the coaching world.


Become an expert in change today -before the market gets crowded!

  • Kickoff Intensive 10-11 June
  • 6 x 2hr Classroom sessions
  • Graduation 15 Dec
  • Conducted in Singapore
  • English
  • Face-to Face / Online LIVE classes
  • 16 participants max.

Find out more here: www.pcd.sg

OR join an upcoming free preview:

Session #1: 29 March (wed), 7 – 9.30pm

Session #2: 19 Apr (wed), 7 – 9.30pm

Location: 30A Pagoda Street, Chinatown


Email us at team@coachinggowhere.com to reserve your seat

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