NTUC UFSE x CGW: Coaching as a Career

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Wednesday evening, 6pm: NTUC. The auditorium was filling up at a steady pace. The evening’s “PME Freelancing Triple Bill” session is organized by NTUC’s Unit for Freelancers and Self-Employed. The CoachingGoWhere team was invited to join the panel and facilitate a breakout session for current and aspiring freelancers to learn if Coaching could be a rewarding career for them.

It certainly was a rewarding session for us – Anna, Emma, Jacky and Lin. We shared about the coaching journey, took burning questions, offered tips on how to start, and shed some light on what a coaching career really looks like. We’re glad participants found the session useful. One of them emailed us the same night thanking us, for he could “finally sleep like a log tonight knowing there’s a new career awaiting”.

Isn’t what we do meaningful? 🙂

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