Ever felt that whatever you did, you are unable to progress?
Have you felt that once you achieve certain levels of success, it starts to fall apart?
No idea what is holding you back from your dreams, but yet unable to proceed?

Abundance and Inner Self-Discovery Program was made to help an individual look deeply inwards to find what helped them and what is holding them back from progressing. This 2 FULL day 9am – 5pm, program is structured to provide you awareness, and self-discovery of what has been holding your reins. Followed by deep search, re-structuring to the custom belief system that you chosen which will help you to move forward.

Day 1 – Awareness

A full day on understanding and being aware to the systems that play apart on our daily lives, the models and philosophy on belief systems and change cycles. Most importantly, how is relates to your specific current situation.

Day 2 – Inner Self / Change

A full day of deep inner searching, understanding your past traumas/experiences that limit you now. Finally to update those experiences, and change them to suit your current situation. Changing beliefs, values, identity or passion.


*This is a very private program as it touches the deep-ends of a person and therefore would limit this to 2-4 pax.
*Highly suggested that you come with another person that you can open up to for maximum effectiveness.


Ian Lim