Phobias can prevent us from enjoying life to our fullest potential. They can be deep rooted fears that obstruct your mind from clarity, as you fear for you next encounter. 

NLP is a proven and practiced method, shown to get rid of phobias. This is even the case with phobias that have lingered for a prolonged amount of time.

This package includes 3 sessions, each lasting for 30-90 minutes. 

I want for my clients to experience the clarity, insights and power from understanding the issues that have been holding them back. Because of my goal, ridding my clients of their phobia(s) is a crucial element to my vision.

With the tools I employ, my clients gain the catalyst to progress and prove to themselves and the world that they can overcome whatever obstacle they put their mind to.

Your time to lift a weight off your shoulders is now. No one should be living their lives in fear, and that includes you. 

(Any questions that you may have about this programme please message me. If you would like an extra session – please send me a custom order! Each session is worth S$333.)