You’ve seen them: Those video ads promising slick web sites you can DIY for nothing. What you don’t see: The hours of trying to get the same slick results, followed by the first realisation that the functions and features you really want for a professional-looking site actually come with a price tag.

The second realisation is that you’ll either need more weeks or months to figure out web design yourself, or you’ll have to take a chance with a designer to get what you want quicker.

I started building web sites in 1998. Publishing online has become easier over the years with user-friendly platforms, but the sophistication around SEO, visuals, interactivity and engagement, content marketing, sales funnels and mailing-list capture is the “hidden side” of building an online presence that can confound those trying to take it all on themselves.

The hard truth: A bad site is going to cost you income and opportunity. A good one will add to your value, and help bring in sales and leads. It’s worth knowing what you need and how it goes hand-in-hand with scaling your business. I want to help you with that.

Your Free Downloads: The Website Workbook & The Website Check-Up

Both these PDF mini-books come with forms that give you a good idea of how I approach web design, and what you as a business-owner need to know about how your site can work for you. Any project needs a good and clear plan.

What you get when you book my one-on-one consultation:

  • Clarity on your branding: The forms in my mini-books (and your answers) help me determine which existing brands and online entrepreneurs to use as inspirations for your marketing and visual style. We can also try to determine your unique angle.
  • A comparison of different web site costs: An honest estimate for what a good site will cost, depending on your level of tech savvy and the features you need, across different services and DIY publishing or e-commerce platforms (the upfront and hidden costs). This is further broken into set-up costs versus maintenance costs after the first year.
  • A tour of the “back-ends”: Not sure how savvy you really are or how difficult some platforms may be to master? I’ll show you some ins-and-outs on the sites and services I’ve worked with, so that you can decide.
  • Free and competitive resources for graphics, logos, design elements, and photography services.
  • My time for 3 hours to answer all and any questions on web design and e-commerce. For SEO and content marketing strategy, or logo design, see my add-on services!

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