Do you constantly feel stressed and overworked? Where the idea of a ‘Good Night’s Sleep’ is no longer applicable to you anymore? Or perhaps you feel bloated, and are sick of constantly hearing the ‘One-Size Fits All’ approaches to dieting. 

If so, then get ready for a system re-boot that starts right inside your body!.

The 10-Day Energy Reset will make your body feel at it’s most optimal state. When your body works optimally, just watch how your health life starts to change. Not only will your energy skyrocket, but your body and brain will feel clearer and you won’t have to suffer from the brain fog that clouds your day. Physical benefits will be noticeable, as your skin starts to glow, and you start to feel lighter, being able to digest your food without having to go through the pain of bloating and gas and understanding more about your food intolerances!

This unique 10-Day Energy Reset includes:

  • An initial briefing of what the Reset entails
  • A daily short video to guide you on your journey 
  • The ‘5-Step Guide’
  • ElikaFit Shopping List to increase the effectiveness of the Reset
  • A handy and quick ‘Swap List’ guide
  • Recipe Guide and Q&A Fact Sheet
  • Access to Skype support
  • A Weight Loss Bonus Sheet

Ready to detox your body and feel good in your own skin again? Well let’s go!