Change is all around us, the world is changing and companies must evolve to successfully thrive in the new world-order.


Employees are commonly finding it hard to keep up with the tide of changes and many resist as they do not know how to reframe their experience in order to embrace the turbulence.


We will show you how ease the journey and excite your employees instead of spreading anxiety and stress. This will minimise performance dip and you get to increase your employee engagement rather than diminishing it.


Our EQ approach is based on neuro-science and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).


Our 5 Module Approach comprises of:


1.Conscious Participation

  • We all operate at unconscious levels with patterns of default behaviors and habits. In order to learn and retain new ways of thinking and behaving, we need to consciously shift and choose how and why.

2.Empowered Leadership

  • The desire and aspiration to become outstanding leaders and managers start with each leader defining their stretch goals aligned with their core values.

3.The Psychology – Insight and Understanding

  • Understanding the psychology of human thinking and behaviors enables us to support others in ‘ empowered change’ through our own insight and foundation knowledge.

4.Team Empowerment In Leading Change – Strategies, Tools And Techniques

  • The next steps are developing appropriate strategies from a range of tools and techniques.

5.Planning & Taking Effective Action

  • The final module focuses on planning and taking practical action to ensure and support empowered sustainability.  

The 1 day workshop is interactive and fully engaging to bring out the best in your leadership team and help them shift their thinking and give them new ways of working to excel.

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