Who should attend:

1. People who tend to overthink on daily basis

2. Overwhelmed by ever increasing demands and pressures at work & life

3. Stressed, anxious and constantly worrying about things

4. If you want to have peace of mind and live happier life


1.Overthinking → Clarity of mind

*Leading to better decision making, increase productivity and focus at work.

2. Increase your Self-Awareness

*Giving you the power to RESET your state here & now.

*Leading to better emotions management and peace of mind.

3. Reduce stress, anxiety and habits of worrying.

*A better wellbeing means you’re happier, more peaceful, calmer, and eventually create positive ripple effects in your relationship at work, at home and all other areas of your life.

What you’ll learn:

*Concepts & Applications of Mindfulness & Stress Management

*Experience Moving Meditation Breathing Techniques

*Micro-mindfulness tools & exercise (mix of theory, real life examples, experiential learning and sharing of tools, techniques and exercises).