Work can cause us to become worn down. Feelings of stress can pent up, causing us to lose our performance, creativity and inspiration at times.

Amid the state of being stressed whilst trying to keep up our work performance, we ultimately neglect ourselves and forget about the importance and the power of our own mind.

Corporate Meditation boosts levels of Mindfulness in the workplace. The benefits of Mindfulness are aplenty and the demand in the corporate world is increasing.

It has been shown by studies that Mindfulness in the workplace positively impacts factors such as:

  • Work culture
  • Stress Management Abilities and Stress Reduction
  • Sharper Focus and Better Decision Making Skills
  • Innovation and Creativity Levels

In this programme I look to facilitate workplace performance, knowing that everyone can reach their fullest potentials with the correct guide.

This unique programme consists of 6 x 1 hour lunchtime sessions. Here, I aim to:

  • Improve focus and productivity, in life and in the workplace setting
  • Get those to understand ’emotional centredness’ and it’s importance
  • Increase clarity in life and in work
  • Find inner peace within themselves
  • Reduction in stress
  • Become more grounded
  • Inspire and provide deeper insight on the current situation

Are you ready to become one step closer to having a workplace that performs in its optimal state?

I will be here to guide all the way.

NOTE: This is a default package. If you would like to have a custom order, pricings and your needs can be discussed. Please feel free to contact me.