You are reading this because deep down, you know there’s more to Life. A thirst for something that you can’t quite explain.

My name is Water Tay and I can help support you. I don’t claim to know everything. But I went on an adventure of working on myself for awhile, encountered many situations, resolved many episodes in life, met many interesting people around the world and have gained greater clarity on myself and the people around me.

I hope to pay it forward.

You see Life for me (and many of us) is like unconsciously driving with the brakes on. There’s so much potential in all of us, but we are not able to fully unleash it. Many have tried programs, self-help books, gurus, meditation, religions, and may have not quite found the answer.

You will gain greater confidence, increase your energy level, reduce your Fears & resolve past episodes.

Each coaching block is for 3 days of 1.5hrs each, and how far you want to go is determined by you. Flexible based on your schedule. I usually work with larger groups as a Trainer, but deep down I have a soft-spot working on a more personal basis.

The sessions are conducted in a safe space, discreet, non-judgemental. The approach is holistic, non-guru-stique, non-religious. There will be no upselling or products to buy – just a personal session to focus on only you.

I welcome fellow Trainers, Coaches, Speakers, Team Builders who are interested to work on themselves to deliver more to your clients.

Join me on a 3-day quest to help you see the things that are invisible.


ONE Love, One Life, You Gotta Do What You Should – (One by U2)

With Love,

Water Tay

P.S – Keeping it affordable at $800 as an introductory rate.