A special 6-part Performance Transformation Group Coaching Programme over a 3 month period aimed at corporates to boost performance in their teams:

  • Super-charge inner strength for incredible outer confidence
  • Learn how to develop a compelling personal brand for professional and business growth
  • Discover how to replace negative inner thoughts with positive enriching ones

Based on NLP (neurolinguistics programming), neuroscience and social psychology.

Each group coaching and learning session comprises of:

  • Tailored sessions with worksheets
  • 2.5 – hr group coaching & training per session
  • 15 – min pre brief
  • 15 – min post brief

3-month Performance Transformation Group Coaching Programme: 

Session 1:  Reinvent

  • You cannot outperform the image you have of yourself.
    The key is to reinvent your identity, building one that helps you leapfrog hurdles and reach for the stars.

Session 2: Rewire

  • The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your thinking.
  • Learn how to rewire your thinking and switch from unhealthy, unhelpful negative self-talk to positive, enriching & creative ideas to inspire you into enthusiastic action.

Session 3: Release Limiting Beliefs

  • Limiting beliefs stop us in our tracks, preventing us from the success we desire.
  • Once you identify these,  consciously replace them with a new healthy enriching beliefs, leading to incredible success.

Session 4: Rituals

  • We breeze through life on auto-pilot. Our human subconscious brain automates how we think, feel & behave.
  • However, we have now adopted habits that are not serving us in a positive way.
  • Learn how to create and sustain new super helpful rituals & habits.

Session 5: Resilience

  • Resilience is a key skill to help us bounce back stranger than before after setbacks.
  • Develop a mental and emotional shield that can ride smoothly over the pitfalls and barriers.

Session : Reactivate Agile Thinking

  • The world is constantly changing, even more rapidly now than ever.
  • To be successful, learn how to lead the pack by building your agile thinking, pre-empting the changes, or even leading them!

Each session can be tailored to the results you want for you team. Just ask for a custom group coaching programme.