A special 4 part group coaching programme over a 2 month period aimed at corporates to boost performance in their teams:

  • Super-charge inner strength for incredible outer confidence
  • Learn how to develop a compelling personal brand for professional and business growth
  • Discover how to replace negative inner thoughts with positive enriching ones

Based on NLP (neurolinguistic programming), neuroscience and social psychology.

Each group coaching session comprises of:

  • Tailored session with worksheets
  • 1.5 hr group coaching
  • 30 min pre brief
  • 30 min post brief

 4 session group coaching programme: 

Session 1:  Getting off the Sticky Floor!

  • Understanding our beliefs and how they propel or stop us
  • Creating and sustaining empowering beliefs to positively change our lives

Session 2: Becoming Your Own Superhero

  • Upgrading your identity to level up
  • Anchoring positive emotional states and mindset

Session 3: Boosting Our Personal Brand

  • Building and boosting your personal branding for career advancement
  • Networking with ease

Session 4: Influencing for Success

  • Learning how to become an influencer
  • Increasing resilience and agility of thinking


Each session can be tailored to the results you want for you team. Just ask for a custom group coaching programme.