What are we?

Completed your coaching qualification but are finding it hard to get work? Or running you own coaching business, and the clients just aren’t appearing enough?

Imagine that you no longer had to stress about these problems.

The 2 biggest challenges for freelance coaches are:

  1. Find clients
  2. Getting paid

Because of this, at Coaching Go Where, we have developed an active coaching marketplace. Here, we look to bring together today’s change makers and help you get the exposure that you need.

Who are we?

We are a platform for coaches, run by coaches.

Coaching Go Where is run by Anna and Lin, executive and life coaches. We started our developing Coaching Go Where Sept 2015 and initially launched it as directory and portal. With feedback from coaches, we decide to change this to an active coaching marketplace.

How did we get here?

Being coaches ourselves, we discover a need among peers – to allow coaches to do what they love and do best, Coaching! This is instead of being engaged in marketing activities, maintaining website or the effort to create one. And being passionate about people, we want to create a community to bring all components of an equation together.

What do we believe in?

“Together We Can” mindset is our motto and our value. No one stands alone if they don’t want to be, and a ready hand is there if there is a Need to be. We believe and aim to be the bridge that bring people together, to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

What are we selling?

A passion for life and one well-lived, as defined by each individual, either through our inspirational and informative newsletters, or through help of our community of coaches. We also want to spread the empowering work of the world’s change makers in the modern day world. The world is constantly evolving and we need coaches who help guide people with their journey.

Why us?

We aim to be easily accessible, credible through our reviews system, offer both tangible and intangible benefits to our coaches and members and to promote a community spirit.


  • People buy what is in front of them. Running a successful coaching business means you must be found. We market the platform and increase your visibility and exposure.
  • Writing compelling marketing information about you and your service is an art. Join now for a complimentary $250 copy writing service as part of our launch promotion. Offer ends 16 Oct 2017.
  • Your success is our success.  We take a small commission to run the platform, cover our marketing costs and pay Paypal.
  • Getting paid can be tough. Our payment trust solution means the client pays us and we hold the money until the service is successfully delivered. This protects you and the client.
  • Reviews = credibility. Our platform allows you to boost your credibility with client reviews.