Many people are hesitant to try out any form of coaching, and the reasons why can be many. There are many myths that encompass coaching that are simply untrue.

Therefore, here are some debunked myths about coaching below:

1. Coaching is only for those with ‘problems’

Some may have a perspective that coaching is only for those who are suffering. Others may believe that coaching is identical to counselling or to a psychologist. However, this is not the case. Coaching is not just for those who feel like they are stuck in a place in their lives where they are unhappy. Coaching is also for those who realise that they want to reach their top potential. Those who decide to get a coach can be those who want to bring out the best versions of themselves and have a desire to improve.

2. Coaching is getting advice from someone who is inexperienced in my situation

Essentially, most coaches have actually undergone some form of coaching, or have a qualification that is relevant to their field of coaching. Furthermore, many coaches have had some form of past experience. This past experience sometimes are the trigger that ultimately made them take the plunge to go into coaching. Some may have interesting stories, some even quitting their main salary job in order to pursue coaching and to bring hope and progress into lives who want it. Many coaches understand what it is like to be at rock bottom and are empathetic to a situation. Others understand what it is like to be at a stage in their life where they realised they wanted more fulfillment and abundance in their lives. Also, coaches usually do not give you advice without permission first, and often only do so if they believe it brings value to the situation.

3. Coaching will not work on me

One of the biggest reasons that I have found that people do not want to get coaching is this belief. They believe that because they have been at this stage in their life for so long, their life cannot shift. Similarly, others may have tried other forms of help such as counselling or a psychologist with little or no result. Because of this, they expect coaching to harbor the same results for them. However, coaching is extremely different from these two forms of help. It has been proven that a majority of those who get business or executive coaching, will at least get the money they spent on the coaching back in profits. Furthermore, as a person who also used to have this belief that coaching will not work, I can say that it does (READ: How I Saved My Relationship and Myself From Years of Insecurity).

Reasons why Coaching Go Where is risk free and a good place to start your coaching journey:

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you purchase a coaching programme on our site, you are protected with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. During your purchased coaching programme, if you are unsatisfied with your results or the programme, you can dispute. (READ: How to Use Disputing Tool). If you are not completely satisfied, and have not signed the paperwork to say you are satisfied after each session, you can get your money back! Coaching Go Where strives to make a safe and risk free environment for both coaches and clients. To avoid having to dispute, please look to see if they are a compatible match to you. (READ: Choose a Coach Tips).
  2. An Interactive Environment – we like to be interactive with both our coaches and coachees. If you hire a coach elsewhere, if the programme that you purchased was not what they advertised, it can be hard to deal with. Here at Coaching Go Where, if there are any of these problems, just get in contact with us and we shall do our best to help!
  3. A Range of Programmes to Choose From – sometimes it can be hard to find what we want. Finding a coach itself can be overwhelming! Therefore, Coaching Go Where looked to bring together the world’s change makers. Here at Coaching Go Where, you can find coaching programmes in all sorts of areas! Some coaches may offer custom orders for you, bringing a unique and completely tailored coaching experience.