With an increase in life or executive coaching recently, leaving an unforgettable impression on prospects ought to be your priority focus. You might be faced with more competition in the market now, but you are also enjoying an increased awareness the public has of life or executive coaching compared to 10 years ago. Therefore, focus on increasing your conversion rate. Convince a prospect not through snazzy sales talk of life or executive coaching benefits, or promising an impressive ROI – but through your personality.

The way you interact and connect with the prospect mirrors the value you bring to your clients.

Leave an impression that will rank you top of mind. Here are 2 tips:

1. Present Your Coaching Bio Kit

Credibility is a major consideration by a potential client. Immediately presenting your ‘Coach Bio Kit’ communicates that you are professional, prepared.. and not a newbie or winging it!

This ‘kit’ can be in hard-copy, or online (like your CoachingGoWhere profile). It is a consolidation of all the following in one place –

  • Your biography
  • Contact details
  • What you specialize in, backed up with mentions of awards, certifications, accolades etc.
  • References & testimonials
  • Coaching services offered
  • Rate card (optional)

These can be sent to prospects whom you are following up from a networking session, or a referral from a recent client, or at your first chemistry session with a prospect.

There is a bonus to this! Should your client want to refer a contact to you for life or executive coaching, he/she simply sends this across – controlled marketing means you ensure the right information about you is floating around out there!

2. Spend a chemistry session chatting with the client

Spending 45 – 60 minutes chatting with your prospective client (before any agreement is signed) is known as a chemistry session. Do not underestimate the importance of this dialogue. The goal is to charm their socks off whilst also assessing if this person is a client you would like to take on. Here’s what to do in a chemistry session:

Connect – as humans! Find out more about each other. Share and exchange – why you do what you do, interests, personal values and goals in life. This process will help you both instinctively decide if this coach-client match can blossom into something marvelous.

Understand deeply – the prospect’s motivation for the coaching and the objective he/she wants to achieve. Ask him/her why this objective is important, and what they look forward to in the coaching and what they want from a coach.

Leaving an unforgettable impression isn’t difficult although it takes a few times for you to find your groove. To summarize, present your credibility clearly with an impressive Coach Bio Kit. Off paper and in person, enjoy the human connection and he/she will be sure to remember you as an authentic, trusted coach.