Our Story, The Journey Of Coaching Go Where

Coaching Go Where is the brain-child of Anna Tan. Conceived in 2016 with two other friends, Lin Tan and Minny Lim, it evolved from a simple directory listing to now, a personal coaching marketplace platform. Anna Tan, CEO and Founder now runs coaching Go Where with Stevie Wong, who is based in the UK.

Anna Tan, CEO Coaching Go Where

It covers the seven domains of personal coaching; life coaching; executive coaching; business coaching; career coaching; personal brand coaching; health & fitness coaching, and soft-skills coaching.

It provides a unique online platform for freelance coaches to market themselves to new clients, packaging their coaching services for those seeking personal and professional development and growth.

Coaching Go Where is based in Singapore, and covers all of Asia and the Pacific; from Hong Kong, to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

“Many freelance coaches struggle to launch their coaching practice, often after paying thousands of dollars to become a qualified life or executive coach, they have limited experience and skills to launch their freelance business.

This is where Coaching Go Where helps them package and market their services without the huge expense of creating their own websites. We even offer a separate training course on business skills, this is delivered by our sister brand www.mojomastermind.com ” announces Anna Tan, CEO and Founder.

“Life and Executive coaching is still a young market in Asia, but the growth is coming. I am so excited to take Coaching Go Where to the next level”.