Mojo Mastermind business coaching is for you if you want to launch your coaching practice …without wasting more time, and you want it fast, this is for you.

You have a deep desire to help other people, to make a powerful and positive impact in the world… and you want to do this as an awesome coach.

Let me ask you a question? When do you want to start putting your new coaching skills into action and see enormous change in your coachees? Now … right?

So what’s missing?

You’ve spent thousand of dollars getting trained as a coach, a hundred plus hours learning and practicing… you’ve got your certificate… you’re FINALLY READY!

BUT you have no idea how to start to getting a steady stream of high paying clients….. it was kinda easy when you were offering pro-bono coaching, and you’ve already coached all your friends and family…  Maybe you’ve lost your mojo?

Now you’re ready for bonafide real high value paying clients!

Mojo Mastermind business coaching will help you find, keep and grow your mojo, and at the same time show you how to kick-off and run a profitable coaching practice now. 

From finding your niche (where there are lots of potential clients willing to pay you for your help), to how you position yourself in the coaching market, pricing, packaging and marketing your coaching services. In fact, we have all the main bases covered. Check out all the business training modules below!

Over 90% of trained coaches in Asia never transition into their dream of being a professional paid coach. Don’t be one of them! 


Mojo Mastermind business coaching is a 6-month group coaching programme looks like this. 

Month 1: Reinvent Yourself – You cannot outperform the image you have of yourself.

So in this session, you will find out how to create and build a new identity that will help you leapfrog hurdles and reach for the stars! There is a superhero inside you!

Month 2: Rewire Your Mind The quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your thinking. 

This session will show you how to rewire your thinking, and switch from unhealthy, unhelpful negative self-talk to positive, enriching & creative ideas that will inspire you into enthusiastic action. This will be like you attaching a rocket to your dreams & finding new ways to boost the engine and fuel.

Month 3: Release Your Limiting Beliefs – We are all our own worse enemy, we stop ourselves from the success we want because of limiting beliefs that tell us it not possible – this is not helpful!

Come learn how to identify these so you can pull out the weeds in your brain, throw them away, & replace them with a new beautiful healthy blossoming garden of life enriching beliefs instead. 

Month 4: Rituals and Habits – Do you realise you breeze through life on auto-pilot?

Our human subconscious brain helps us automate how we think, feel & behave, cool eh? The problem is we all now have habits that are not serving us in a positive way, this is crap! So learn how to create and sustain new super helpful habits & rituals so you can ditch the crappy old ones. 

Month 5: Resilience Booster- Let’s be honest, sometimes crappy things just happens.

Wanna learn how to bounce back even stronger than before? When you know how, you become a warrior with a mental shield that can ride over the pitfalls and barriers. This is so super cool to learn, when I really got how to do this, my life changed… so will yours!

Month 6: Reactivate Agile Thinking – The world is constantly changing, even more rapidly now than ever!

To be successful, learn how to lead the pack by building your agile thinking, pre-empting the changes, or even leading them! Your brain is a like a muscle, so like other muscles in your body, if you don’t train them, they get weak and feeble. Your brain is your most valuable asset, so give it a daily work-out and watch how it transforms your life and more importantly, your results!

Mojo Mastermind Business Coaching.